Grasses and bamboo

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gramineus, ‘Variegatus’, green and white variegation. Grass-like foliage to 10-12”.


(Giant Reed) donax, 'Peppermint Stick', striking white and green variegated foliage. Bronze colored plumes in autumn. 12' tall. Full sun.


acutiflora (Feather Reed Grass) 'Karl Forester', 4-5' strict upright habit. Fluffy flowers from June-Sept. Good winter appearance.

‘Avalanche’, reverse of ‘Overdam’. Dark green margin and wide white band down the center of each blade topped with silver. Grows 4’.

'El Dorado', variegated form of 'Karl Forester'. Narrow green blades have a radiant gold center margin. Feathery plumes in autumn. 4-5' tall.

a. 'Overdam', white variegated foliage, 3'

brachystricha, 4-5’ very strict upright habit.


  berggrenii, (Bronze Creeping Sedge), tufted clump of bronze-copper leaves reamaining evergreen. 2-4" tall x 6-8" wide.

divulsa‘Gold Fountains’, similar to ‘Evergold’ but with soft green 12” weeping foliage with golden edge.

elata, ‘Bowle’s Golden’, intense, chartreuse gold fountain to 24”.

  hachijoensis, 'Ice Cream', striking, deep green and cream variegation. 12" tall.

morrowii, ‘Ice Dance’, tufts of semi-evergreen grass-like foliage edged pure white. Great groundcover for shade!.

‘Silver Sceptre’, arching clumps of white edged foliage to 10”.

muskingumensis, ‘Oehme’, narrow green leaves with creamy yellow margin. Arching clump to 20”. Part sun-full shade.

oshimensis, ‘Evergold’, clump forming. 1’ weeping narrow yellow grass with green midline. Part shade.

pennsylvanica, 8-10”. Fine textured, shiny, deep green foliage. Clumper.


latifolium(Northern Sea Oats), good for massing, part shade or sun, 3'. Seeds can germinate everywhere.


cespitosa (Tufted Hair Grass), ‘Schottland’, huge, airy panicles, 3-4’ above 2’ evergreen tufts.


hyemale(Horsetail Rush), hollow, tubular stems to 4’. Use beside pools and for Japanese style gardens. Native.

scirpoides, 6-8” tall, evergreen foliage is dark olive green, reddish-brown in winter.


ravenna, hardy Pampas Grass, 8'10'


denudata. Clumping, slightly weeping, dense. 13’ tall. Sun-1/2 shade.

dracocephala, (Dragon’s Head Bamboo), clumping. Growing with a weeping habit it forms a dense clump to 9’ tall. Pt. shade. Found in the mountains of China, it is also one of the favorite foods of the giant panda!

murielae, (Umbrella Bamboo), clumping. Delicate pea-green foliage and a graceful weeping habit make this bamboo ideal near a pond. Does best in shade! 12’ tall.

robusta, clumping. Leaves are shiny and deep olive-green. The geometric pattern of the white colored cane sheaths against the dark green canes is striking! Shade or sun. 16’ tall.

‘Rufa’, clumping. Exceptionally cold hardy, this bamboo has beautiful orange-red cane sheaths. Great for the small garden. 8’ tall.


amethystina, ‘Boulder Blue’, compact mounds of intense blue spiky foliage with wheat-like seed heads in mid-summer. Foliage keeps color all year round. 10”. Don’t overwater!

'Elijah Blue', the bluest of all the blue fescues, compact, 10"

**NEW** glauca, bluish-gray, needle-like foliage.  Grows 12".


Hakonechloa Macra AureolaHakonechloa Macra Aureolamacra Aureola, bright yellow-green variegated foliage. 1-2’, light shade and moist but well-drained soil.

‘Albo Striata’, broad leaves edged white.

‘All Gold’, bright yellow-green leaves. 12”.

‘Beni Kaze’, rich green foliage turns striking red in autumn. 18” tall.

‘Nicholas’, green foliage turns red, orange, and yellow in autumn. 14-16” tall.


sempervirens (, Blue Oat Grass), zones 5-8, ‘ Sapphire’, best blue color form, great for dryer locations


cylindrica ' Red Baron '(Japanese Blood Grass), zones 5-9, glowing

red color until late autumn, spreads slowly, use as ground cover or in border.


effusus, Big Twister’, large spiraling foliage to 24” tall.

‘Unicorn’, heavily spiraled foliage to 18”.

«Liriope 'Big Blue', dark green foliage, short spikes of blue flowers in late summer, good ground cover, partial shade preferred

«'Monroe's White', large white flower spikes above deep green foliage, 12-15", shade only!

'Majestic', large purple flowers, 12-15"

‘Variegata’, variegated-green leaves with yellow edge, purple flower spikes


(Maiden Grass), zones 4-9, full sun and almost any soil from moist to dry, stems and flower plumes turn gold in winter

sinensis, ‘Adagio’, dwarf form to 4’ tall with thin foliage and a pronounced white midrib. Pinkish blooms that mature to white.

'Cabaret', upright, clumping, boldest of all variegated forms, to 6' tall. fall plumes.

Miscanthus g. 'Cosmopolitan'Miscanthus g. 'Cosmopolitan'‘Cosmopolitan’, very broad blades boldly variegated with a wide cream stripe. Grows 6-8’.

‘Dixieland’, silver-variegated to 3’.

‘Gold Bar’, ‘Strictus’ in dwarf form!! Large gold horizontal stripes tightly banded on grass blades. Pinkish plumes in autumn. 3-5’ tall.

'Gracillimus' (Maiden Grass), grass "weeps" slightly at the top, very graceful, Grows 5’.

‘Graziella’, 5-6’, white flowers in Aug. Slender foliage.

‘Little Kitten’, 30” cream-white plumes. Narrow green foliage to 1 ½’.

'Morning Light', white and green vertical striping, 4-5' x 2-3'

'Purpurascens', foliage turns deep red to maroon by fall. Blooms late summer, 3-4' x 2-3'

'Strictus'(Porcupine), upright clumping to 6' with neat horizontal variegation. coppery flowers in Sept.


arundinacea(caerulea 'Altissima') 'Skyracer', 7-8' yellow-gold seed heads in early fall over shorter clumps of gray-green foliage.

ssp. arundinacea 'Transparent', green foliage turns yellow in autumn. Grows to 6' tall in bloom.

Windspiel', mounds of 15-20" tall blades have glowing, purple inflorescences on 6-7' tall stems June-Dec.

‘Variegata’, best in damp situations in full sun or pt. Shade. Slender green leaves with stripes of creamy yellow, ¼” wide x 1’ long.

Muhlenbergia capillaris

(Pink Hair Grass), fluffy pink plumes, Sept-Nov. Fresh dark green foliage. Clumper. Foliage to 3’, plumes to 4’. Very fine textured.


planiscapusnigrescens(Black Mondo Grass), black foliage color, flowers white, tinted to pink in late summer, 12", slow spreader, average soil, zone 5 hardiness

japonicus 'Nana', 3", dwarf variety, very dark green foliage, great for rock gardens.


(Switch Grass), virgatum 'Cloud Nine', strong, erect blue foliage with whitr plumes in late summer.  5-6' tall. 

‘Dallas Blue’, 6’, It’s seed heads are large, 2’ in length and football shaped. The seeds start purple-blue and mature to a rich orange-tan. The fall color of the blades is a rich orange tan as well.

'Heavy Metal', vertical to 4-5', blue foliage, great plant!

‘Northwind’, airy panicles July-Aug. Blue-green leaves have a softer, more arching habit than most panicums. Grows 5-6’.

‘Shenandoah’, 3’, The reddest of the Panicum family, will reach its red color by June and inflorescens will be red. Very slow growing.

‘Rostrahlbusch’, ribbon-like foliage turns red early. Red plumes. 3-4’ tall.


alopecuroides , slender arching tufts reaching 3’ tall when topped by copper-tinted tassels from autumn to winter.

**NEW**'Burgundy Bunny', red accented foliage in summer turning blazing red in autumn.  White plumes in late summer.  15-18".

‘Cassian’, grows 30-36”. Great cultivar with autumn color.

‘Foxtrot’, 4-5’. Narrow green blades turn gold in autumn. Misty rose-colored plumes. Clump to 4- wide.

'Hameln '(Dwarf Fountain Grass), zones 5-9, bristly pink to white plumes from July through Sept, 2-3', turns gold in fall

'Little Bunny', a dwarf fountain grass 10-12" high.

**NEW**'Red Head', huge, 8-10" blooms of smokey burgundy above deep green blades.  12-14". 

orientale, ‘Karley Rose’, Elegant new fountain grass forms a clump of arching, deep green blades that erupt in to intense smoky rose-purple flowers late May-frost. Grows to 3’x4’.


heterolepis, (Prarie Dropseed), light airy flower panicles. Green foliage turns pumpkin-orange in autumn. 2-3’ tall. Very drought tolerant. Native. Gorgeous!!

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